Yes! You can post directly to your business’ Instagram & Facebook page from your Brandabl dashboard. Brandabl also integrates with Buffer publishing app for ultra-easy advance scheduling on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest—right from your Brandabl dashboard. This scheduling feature does require that you obtain a separate Buffer subscription—something that we are happy to help facilitate at any time during your membership.

Brandabl is optimized for desktop use but does have limited functionality available on mobile. From mobile, you can:

  • Browse the Social Media Library
  • Add posts to Favorites
  • Add posts to Post Planner
  • Download posts to your phone and post to social 

You cannot edit posts using the Design Editor on mobile yet, but you can use the editor on a tablet.
NOTE: Mobile editing is coming later in 2021.

Nope! The sky is the limit. Members have access to unlimited post downloads during their membership.We’ll be adding new posts to your library on a regular basis, so you will never run out of content. 

NOTE: You may not make new posts using Brandabl content after your trial or membership term has ended.

Brandabl’s content is intended to be used organically. Each social platform has its own regulations on paid advertising. Facebook, for example, requires that text take up less than 20% of the graphic on ads. While Brandabl’s posts are not optimized for paid advertising campaigns, we do not prohibit the use of Brandabl posts for paid ads.
Absolutely—we like to keep things casual. Your month-to-month membership is commitment-free. Cancel any time before your next billing cycle and you will not be billed again. There are no long-term contracts or strings attached. We’re committed to adding value—not stress—to your business.
After your current monthly term ends, access to the Brandabl platform will be terminated. Anything you have posted on your social platforms is yours to use and keep in your feed. You may not make new posts using Brandabl content after your membership term has ended.
Thumbnail images and images in the Design Editor use small file sizes to speed up performance. When you export, download or post to social a full-size high-quality image is used.

Yes. You will be able to edit captions before posting or scheduling. However, edited captions on Brandabl are not saved for future use.

You can use the Brandabl graphics for any of your marketing materials. Files export at 1080 x 1080 pixels and are available as JPG, PNG, and PDF file types.

At this time, Brandabl is not available as a mobile app and does require internet connectivity, as it requires the use of an internet browser.
You sure can! Brandabl’s graphics are square (1080 x 1080 pixels) for optimal portability across all social networks. Should you feel inclined, you can even use Brandabl graphics for profile pictures. INSTAGRAM: Direct to Instagram posting is coming soon.
Unsplash is a royalty-free photo library of over 2 million high-resolution images. All Unsplash photos can be downloaded and used for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Unsplash is fueled by generous photographers who give away their work for free in support of Creatives everywhere.

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